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Get Username and Password

All students must obtain their username and password.

New students: obtain your username/password for the first time.
Current students: retrieve your username if you have lost it. Note: retrieving your username automatically resets your password.

If desired, you may change your password at Change Password.

Student ID
Last Name
Birth Date Month: Date: Year:
Year example: 1982
Global PIN (or, SSN Last 4)

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Student Terms

  • Global PIN - Global PIN - A six-digit number assigned to new students by the Registration Office after they have applied for admission. If you are a new student, your Global PIN number is your six-digit date of birth (mmddyy). Students who have subsequently changed their Global PIN to a different number, must use the new number. Returning students may have a four-digit number they created in the past. Students must use their Global PIN to obtain their Username and Password, which is necessary to access online services..
  • Username and Password - New students must obtain their Username and Password in order to access campus computers, library databases and their college email account. After submitting the initial request, a password is assigned, which can then be changed by submitting a request to Change Password.
  • Student ID Number - A nine-digit number (example: 900123456) that is printed on the student's ID card. It is needed to submit a request to Change Password and to access online services.

Students should record their Global PIN, Username and Password so they can remember them, and take steps to keep them secure.