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Retrieve Old and New Student IDs

Please submit this form to retrieve your (old) Student ID and (new) EMPLID number.

Your (new) ctcLink ID number (EMPLID) replaces your (old) Student ID.

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Year example: 1982
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Please note, if you have not provided your Social Security Number (SSN) to the college, the Student ID Retrieval System will not be able to authenticate your identity and provide your ID number. For assistance with retrieving your ID number, please contact the One-Stop Center by calling (360) 442-2322.

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Student Terms

  • Username and Password - New students must obtain their Username and Password in order to access campus computers, library databases and their college email account. After submitting the initial request, a password is assigned, which can then be changed by submitting a request to Change Password.
  • Student ID Number - A nine-digit number (example: 101123456) that is printed on the student's ID card. It is needed to submit a request to Change Password and to access online services.

Students should record their Username and Password so they can remember them, and take steps to keep them secure.